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Top Three Trends In Ecommerce Product Description To Watch

A good product description starts with a specific buyer in mind. If you try to appeal to everyone, you’ll appeal to no one. So with potential customers/targeted audience in mind, writing a compelling product description that provides customers with details around features, problems it solves and other benefits, will help you generate sales. Check our... Continue Reading →

The Modern Rules Of SEO

Search engine rankings are a winner-takes-all game. The top three results have click-through rates of 30% – 10% & by position nine, that’s dropped to just 2%. If your website doesn’t appear on page one for relevant search terms, it’s not reaching its full potential.That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. What is search... Continue Reading →

Social Media Impact Over Ecommerce

Social Media Impact Over Ecommerce As a small business owner, there are many ways to promote your product or brand. One of these ways is free and can have a huge reach in social media. Unfortunately, a lot of entrepreneurs we have spoken to recently feel that the effect isn’t worth the effort. It doesn’t... Continue Reading →

Niche Marketing for Ecommerce Startups

Many marketing professionals believe that creating marketing campaigns that target a huge segment of a population is likely to backfire for different reasons. Certain portions of the consumer market possess unique preferences that not all strategies can reach. Because of this, it’s essential for a business to concentrate their marketing efforts on a specific and... Continue Reading →

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